Do not dig me a grave

our earth has suffered

far too many deep holes

high tops blasted creeks full of sludge

Do not weep for me gone

our air needs more laughter

inhale exhale sneezing giggling

with your eyes full of tears

Do not tell made-up stories of me

there are far too many untruths about

let our truth telling bring enough

nodding affirmation of our closeness

If a reformed prostitute name Mimi shows up

who claims to know more about me than

she should please disregard

Eat drink my friends and foes

dance close in this time of forced formality

that your ease will light up

more good shared memories than foul

As my birth was let my death

be time to end and time to begin

deep times bits of star dust then

and soon enough fragments more

Sprinkle what’s left where the cool clear water

babbles with the hemlocks daffodils

grass of Parnassus where you may fret little

regret less as time murmurs on