By now, most people, even in rural West Virginia, have heard of the global online hosting and lodging marketplace called Airbnb.

But, did you know that there are nearly 30 Airbnb hosts in Buckhannon and the surrounding area?

There are Airbnb locations in Upshur County from Main Street to French Creek and from Hodgesville to Tallmansville.  Listings ranging from upscale apartments in downtown Buckhannnon to single rooms and entire homes. There are tree houses, camper locations, water front properties and farm stays, artist rooms, writer’s nooks and even a haunted apartment in Horner, complete with a ghost tour.

Prices range from $23 per night for tent and camper sites to $169 per night for apartments, cabins and houses. The majority of the listings are under $100 per night.

Carolyn who lists Holly House Apartment in Buckhannon through Airbnb said, “We have enjoyed hosting guests from over 16 different states and two foreign countries.  Their reasons for being in Buckhannon have been nearly as varied as their places of origin.”  (In order to protect hosts anonymity and privacy, Airbnb only displays first names and the exact location is only given to the guest once booking is confirmed.  This article will follow the same format).

“We have not had one serious problem with anyone,” said Carolyn. “Some seem to prefer to be on their own, while others have enjoyed sharing travel stories or have asked for suggestions about places to visit in the area.  We have no regrets.  It’s been a rewarding experience for us,” said the host.

Carolyn’s property is described as a beautiful historic home near WVWC and Main Street. She said that some of her guests came to the area “to visit a son or daughter enrolled at Wesleyan. Some came on business.  Others were traveling elsewhere, and we were a convenient stop along the way. Others had come “back home” for a reunion or family wedding or funeral.”

Other listings in Upshur County include a “Hodgesville Country Room,” listed by Barbara for $49 per night, described as a quiet home, a few miles from the beautiful town of Buckhannon, WV, located in Volga.

A “One-of-a-Kind Living Space,” is listed for $136 per night in downtown Buckhannon. It is described as being “chiseled out of an 1892 building with style and function galore…Located in the center of historic downtown Buckhannon.”

A private room in a “Cozy Craftsman” in downtown Buckhannon is described as being close to parks, restaurants and dining with great views, near a river walking trail and within walking distance to WVWC.”

Cozy Craftsman host, Carolyn, said she has “always loved hosting family and friends – feeding and making them feel comfortable.”

“My cousin, who uses Airbnb as a guest, suggested it.  I laughed at first, then decided to give it a try,” said the host.

“I’ve had nothing but great experiences and have met some really great, interesting, talented people. It’s not for everyone, but it works very well for me.”

As for the haunted apartment in Horner, it goes for $90 per night and comes with stipulation that there can be “Absolutely no Ouija boards or seances” or the guest will be asked to leave.

So, if you’re in the market for a new income and are up for a new adventure, Airbnb might be an option for you.  But, even if you don’t think being a host is in your future, a quick check of the Airbnb listings in your destination area might prove worthwhile.

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