“Two Bar Town”


“Two Bar Town” was written by Bryce O’Loughlin and Rick Miller and animation by Bryce O’Loughlin. The creative video features Caleb Karriker, Connor McCauley and Chad Freeman. Download the album for free at bryceo.bandcamp.com.

Bryce O’Louglin

O’Loughlin is a local musician and filmmaker, currently playing with groups including Ricky Mortis & the Stiffs and Reverend Rattlesnake. O’Loughlin founded online record label The Church of Sound, which distributes free original music.

Rick Miller, local musician, has release more than a dozen albums and EPs as solo act Sick_Bob. Miller also plays for Reverend Rattlesnake and Ricky Mortis & the Stiffs.

Watch for their new band, Reverend Rattlesnake, at the 88 Restaurant and Lounge on February 23rd and April 20th.