Conversations Around the Table

In His Image by William Zdinak, 1967. 18” x 23." This print was purchased by Thom Keely in Wheeling, WV in the mid 1980's and was gifted to Upshur County Parish House in early 2000's. Photo by Alicia Randolph Rapking.

One morning recently we talked about a guy mostly unknown these days, and if he were walking anywhere near where we live, would we be aghast at what most of us claim we do, using his name as a cover? All too often most of us eagerly assert that we are made in God’s image, and, therefore, are somehow authorized to speak with a divine voice — in Jesus’s name. At table, we refused such assertions about God, for it is plain that such an entity is one we humans have created in our own image. Hereabouts, such a divine person looks like we look, Caucasian and American, loving apple pie, and living in Almost Heaven. This Jesus looks like us, too. There are old paintings to prove it. And he, too, disfavors those who judge others as bad and awful, because of the way they look. They are too weird to be God-folk. So much so, that we must do all we can to keep them out of our country. Strangers are not welcome here. We all know that Jesus winked when he said, “Whosoever will is welcome at the table.”