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Boxes, Labels & Blurred Lines

I, recently, had a discussion with an old love about the word compartmentalize. We all have a need to put things in our lives in order. Some like every aspect to be in tidy...

What is a Good Citizen?

That was what it meant to be Americans in Europe in the decade or so after WWII. Americans were considered heroes, no matter our party. We were part of something of global importance -- freedom, integrity. We were a part of a world stage that trusted us. Us. U.S.

Where the Lost Things Go

The Year of 2018 ended fittingly with a stock market influx. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, founded in the 19th century, experienced the worst Christmas Eve in its history. Across the globe, major economies signaled weakness....

Truth, Lies and Red-Eyes on a Sunday Afternoon

I’m drinking a Red-Eye, mid-day, on a Sunday. A cold rain set in this morning, melting a heavy layer of snow that’s covered the ground for the last two days, the kind of snow that...

My 80-Year-Old Brain Ain’t What It Used to Be

More than 39 million people in the country live below the poverty line, according to the Census Bureau. The poor know this. They live it. “When you are poor, you substitute...

The Wall

Close your eyes. Take a moment to visualize an image of The Wall. Examine what appears in your mind’s eye and take note of what you see and how it makes you feel.

Words Pouring Through Me

Early Monday morning, July 16, 2018 about 7:00 am, I joined about 40 other people who left Charleston bound for Staunton, VA.  It was already humid and sticky, and I knew that later on the...