We want to hear from people who have a story to tell that isn’t being covered by traditional news outlets. All writers, artist, musicians and photographers are welcome. We want this to be a news source that shows all the dimensions and colors of the Appalachian people and those who love the area. Your submission can be journalistic or literary in style. All genres are welcomed. Poetry, cartoons, art, music, photography and videos are also encouraged. Submissions that are chosen for publication will include a by line and/or photo/art credit. No pay will be awarded for publication, at this time, but contributors will have “bragging rights” and the opportunity to have their voices heard and be a part of the exciting process of creating a different kind of “news” for Appalachia.

Submissions should be less than 1000 words unless otherwise specified. Accompanying photos are encouraged. All photos must include proper identification of the people featured. Videos should be no longer than 45 seconds in length. Live music should be one song only and include the name of the band and all people in the performance. Music should be submitted by the performers, not audience members. A list of upcoming show times and venues can accompany the video. Preference will be given to work that has a local connection to Buckhannon or the Appalachian region. The scope can be national or international, but it should have a connection to Appalachia. We are open to new ideas so don’t be afraid to send us an email at the address below and ask.

No topics are off limits, but content that includes profanity, graphic content or intolerant views will not be considered. Keep it clean!

There is no guarantee to publish. We reserve the right to edit or decline to publish any submission. We will notify contributors of our intent to publish their submissions prior to publishing.

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Good luck! We look forward to hearing your voice and seeing your work!